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Linda 2 is one of the largest investments into the cultural life of Narva since the re-independence of the Estonian Republic. The centre will re-establish regular theatre performances and significantly expand the variety of cultural enjoyment offerings for the 60,000 inhabitants of the city. Furthermore, the centre will provide an additional reason for the rest of Estonia to visit Narva, discover the charms of our eastern border city and engage in tourism spending. Thirdly, the centre will have an important role in the cooperation between the East and West, as Narva, being situated on the border of the EU and Russia, is the perfect place for promoting intercultural contacts and rectifying the failures of politicians through the creation of a common space of trust. The added value of the project comes from the fact that the city of Narva is running for the title of European Capital of Culture 2024 – and without a modern cultural centre and hotel, this would be inconceivable.


The Linda 2 centre will complement the cultural life of the city on multiple levels. The “Ilmarine” theatre will finally have a permanent performance hall with approximately 70 seats. The city will have its first black-box hall with approximately 220 seats and modern equipment, and the complex will house a television studio or a smaller black-box hall with approximately 100 seats. Additionally, as the city currently lacks a centre with such a layout of halls, there are further opportunities for holding medium-sized cultural events. A sold-out 220-seat hall in the Linda 2 centre will be equivalent to a half-empty Soviet-era shoe-box type hall. Together, these three halls make it possible to organise cultural festivals as well as conferences.

Even more importantly, the city will experience a new wave of content creation that will rise through the synergy of the Vaba Lava theatre and the other organisations in the building. Vaba Lava is a theatre centre with very strong international ties, holding over 300 different cultural events on their current premises in Tallinn. Among others, Vaba Lava has excellent direct contacts with the Russian theatre scene, so Linda 2 can expect to see very interesting guest performances from Russia. Alongside hosting guest performances, Vaba Lava will start with 2-3 original productions a year, which would be thematically associated with the city of Narva and whose premieres would also be held in Narva. Starting from 2019, there will be theatre festivals held once every two years, which have the potential to turn the city into an internationally attractive theatre hub. The fact that the building also houses ERR (Estonian Public Broadcasting) will only add to the potential of the cultural activity and also provide it with an extra output channel.