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OÜ Linda Kaks owns the 11,500 m2 building (the 9-storey tower in the middle and two 3-storey wings), situated in the city centre of Narva at Linda 2. It is the former administrative facility of the USSR military-industrial experimental factory complex “Baltijets”.

Linda 2 is a cultural and business centre concept that is unique to Estonia and expects to become the coolest modern event space in Narva, and the heart of the city’s cultural life. The cultural events that are going to take place in the building will turn it into a meeting ground of the East and West.

The grand opening of the cultural complex, in the first renovated wing, will be held on December 1, 2018.

From 26.11.2018 until 02.12.2018, the building will accommodate the Office of the President of Estonia and serve as the working space for Kersti Kaljulaid.

One wing of the building will constitute a cultural complex, the key components of which are the Vaba Lava Narva theatre centre, ERR (Estonian Public Broadcasting) television and radio studios, and the local “Ilmarine” theatre.

The second wing, which opens to the intersection of Linda and Keres streets, will house an office and service complex, the key tenant of which is the Narva Loomeinkubaator with its IT centre – named “Object”. Also planned for the wing is a restaurant catering to the occupants of the whole building.

The tower section of the building will house a 130-room hotel – the existing floor plan is a perfect fit for it. The preliminary designs for the hotel have already been made.


Linda 2 is located right in the city centre of Narva – the Narva Hermann and Ivangorod fortresses, the EU-Russia border crossing point, the city government, the town hall, the colleges of the University of Tartu and the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences, and the bus and train station all fall within 700 metres of the building. All of the largest shopping centres of the area are also in the vicinity. Additionally, this will be the best and only modern office environment in the city – the same building also houses theatres, radio and television, and in the future, the best restaurant and hotel of the city. The building is suitable for holding conferences (three halls, common areas, smaller separate meeting rooms, catering, and hotel).


Linda 2 is one of the largest investments into the cultural life of Narva since the re-independence of the Estonian Republic. The centre will re-establish regular theatre performances and significantly expand the variety of cultural enjoyment offerings for the 60,000 inhabitants of the city. The added value of the project comes from the fact that the city of Narva is running for the title of European Capital of Culture 2024 – and without a modern cultural centre and hotel, this would be inconceivable.