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Linda 2 is a cultural and business centre concept that is unique to Estonia and expects to become the coolest modern event space in Narva, and the heart of the city’s cultural life. The cultural events that are going to take place in the building will turn it into a meeting ground of the East and West.

The grand opening of the cultural complex, in the first renovated wing, will be held on 1 December, 2018.


The tower section of the building will house a 130-room hotel – the existing floor plan is a perfect fit for it.


One wing of the building will constitute a cultural complex, the key components of which are the Vaba Lava Narva theatre centre, ERR (Estonian Public Broadcasting) television and radio studios, and the local “Ilmarine” theatre.


The building will include a restaurant that caters to the whole building, as well as city residents.


The second wing houses an office and service complex, the key tenant of which is the Narva Loomeinkubaator with its IT centre.


Linda 2 is one of the largest investments into the cultural life of Narva since the re-independence of the Estonian Republic. The centre will re-establish regular theatre performances and significantly expand the variety of cultural enjoyment offerings for the 60,000 inhabitants of the city. Furthermore, the centre will provide an additional reason for the rest of Estonia to visit Narva and discover the charms of our eastern border city.


Narva is the third largest city in Estonia and the closest city of the European Union to St Petersburg (135 km from Narva), which is the cultural capital of Russia and the biggest metropolis of the Baltic Sea Region (over 5 million inhabitants).

Narva is the fastest developing city in Estonia today. Recent years have witnessed the restoration of a large part of the historic bastions. Ongoing, at the moment, is the renovation of the Narva bus and train station. According to funding decisions that have already been made, the Narva Museum exposition will be completely renewed in the coming years, a new industrial museum will be established in the Kreenholm complex, and the Narva College of the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences, including a large swimming complex, will be built. In addition, a good cycling-road network will be created, connecting the city to Narva-Jõesuu, one of the most beautiful sandy beach sea resorts of the country, 12 km from the city.



Stay up to date with latest news and announcements on the Linda 2 project developments.